These interviews are a mix of grace and mission, conversations about the beauty of the gospel and how this gospel is powerfully impacting the world. 

My first conversation is with Yassir.  Born and raised in a Muslim family, he was radicalized as a boy, taught to hate Christians and was intent on killing Christians in Jihad.  Today he's a passionate follower of Jesus.  This is his story.

Then I talk with author and pastor Bryan Loritts about his book Saving the Saved. There's this poisonous idea that we get into God's family by pure grace but then we have to work hard to keep God's approval. That's not the gospel, that's religion.  The beauty of the gospel is that we get the same grace for the journey that we received when we first believed! 

Next I talk with author Tom Doyle about this incredible phenomenon happening all across the Muslim word, how Jesus is appearing to Muslims in dreams in visions.  It's Jesus passionate pursuit of Muslims and how he is calling us to join him in his pursuit.

Then I talk with pastor, author, apologist, Tim Keller about how the book of Proverbs teaches us the skill of living life well and how ultimately it points us to Jesus who is wisdom personified.

Next is the amazing story of Martin and Gracia Burnham who were held captive by Islamic extremists in the jungles of the Philippines in 2001.  Martin lost his life, Gracia survived.  It's the story of their captivity, Gracia forgiving her captors and even reaching out to them now that they're in prison.

And finally another conversation with Tom Doyle about how Muslim background believers in Jesus in the Middle East are standing firm in their faith in the face of excruciating persecution.